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Ending homelessness through film production

Anchored Lens Productions is a social impact production company dedicated to producing high-quality film and media content on smaller budgets, while leveraging the exposure of the film industry to help end homelessness not only through storytelling, but providing resources, support, and job training on our film sets and productions. We pledge to donate 10% of our own profits from all of our feature films to our homeless foundation and worldwide outreach to under-resourced communities. 

Trinket Box is our first feature film and we hope to use the profits from this film to jump-start our social impact efforts. With our second feature film, Bellmount, we aim to put our mission into action and hire our first group of homeless students in Georgia and Alabama, while providing them with resources and support pre-production, during production, and post-contract. We know Bellmount's success will start a chain reaction for future projects where we can expand our efforts to end homelessness.


Interested in partnering with Anchored Lens or investing into our homelessness effort or projects? 

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