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Our team. Our board. Meet the core members of Anchored Lens.


Acoryé White is a Professional Actor. Acoryé has been passionate about writing since elementary school where his fifth grade writing teacher told him he wrote some of the best stories. Her words of affirmation motivated him to keep writing his entire life. He began pursuing acting at the end of his college career, falling in love with an actors ability to relate to large audiences, capturing emotions, and bringing stories to life. Now, in parallel to pursuing acting, he has decided to get his screenplays off the ground with his production company Anchored Lens Productions with the highest of quality.

He's appeared alongside Alfre Woodard and LaTanya Richardson Jackson in the Netflix original film "Juanita" directed by Clark Johnson. Acoryé was a lead in the upcoming film "Under the Stadium Lights' (2021) co-starring Laurence Fishburne and Milo Gibson. Acoryé was also the lead in the 2021 film called "One and the Same '' directed by Felipe Cisneros with Glenn Plummer (Speed, Show Girls) in the role of his father.  He appeared in theatrically released horror film "The Seventh Day" alongside Guy Pearce, Stephen Lang, and Keith David by Voltage Pictures, Vertical Entertainment, and Redbox.

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Patrycja Kepa is a ex-McKinsey & Co. consultant. She is a first generation college graduate, who's recently received her Bachelors of Business Administration and a double major in Psychology from Emory University. She was a recipient of the Transcendence award from the Goizueta Business School and was a student leader throughout the Emory campus focusing her work on social justice, non-profit and social enterprises, and elevating minority voices.

She is a Chicago native with Polish and Greek roots. She speaks Polish, English, Spanish, Italian, and Latin and holds a general appreciation for culture and art. Patrycja is an avid painter and designer. Her love for film originates from Polish movies by famous directors such as Andrzej Wajda. She is a huge proponent of creative work and sees an incredible future in widespread forms of storytelling.

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Partner and Board Member

Tru’Kessa Scott was born and raised in Southern Alabama where she gained her family morals and strong faith. Tru’Kessa graduated summa cum laude with a B.S. in Mathematics and a Computer Science concentration and also a M.S. in Management. While working as an engineer, Tru’Kessa became an entrepreneur in the marketing and travel industries. She has since traveled to many countries all over the world creating a lifestyle that she won’t need a vacation from. Tru’Kessa Scott considers herself an engineer turned entrepreneur with many untapped aspirations. 


Her love for film began with a long history of interest in romantic comedy, drama, and action movies.  She gets a thrill from guessing the plot and ending to every movie or tv show she watches. This curiosity led her to becoming an executive producer with Anchored Lens Productions, a production company she knows and trusts. Tru’Kessa takes special interest in financial literacy and ensures every person around her is encouraged to reach their full potential. She constantly strives to be the evidence that you can come from nothing and still have anything you want in life with hard work, dedication, and belief. She lives by the motto, “You do not have to be the product of your circumstances, you can be the product of your choices.”

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